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About porter
Ronnie T.
07 mars 2015, 04:26

Hi, I intend to join 2 days trek to Inca Trail. I am age over 60, I really need a porter to carry my personal belongings, is it possible ?

If possible, how much it would cost for 2 days ? Please advise, many thanks.

Best regards,


Re: About porter
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07 mars 2015, 17:15

Hello Ronnie,

We already answer your emails saying it is not possible to for the 2-day inca trail. Authorities don't allow them to enter Machu Picchu. You must go round trip by train if you don't want to carry any bags.

Here I repeat my previous email:

You can hire a porter for day 1 for US$110. NOT FOR THE 2 DAYS.

He will wait for you along with the guide at the beginning of the hike at km 104. He can carry your backpack up to km 107 (for only 3 km) , then he must leave the group and go down to Aguas Calientes and he would have to leave your bag at your hotel. Porters are not allowed to enter Machu Picchu or the town with you. Then, for day 2, you will have to carry your bag until the entrance of Machu Picchu and then leave it in a pay locker there for the guided visit of Machu Picchu. Then you take it with you until you get back to your hotel in Cusco. That is the only solution we could find. * **If you want this solution, you can go ahead and book your trek and we will add it manually so you can pay it separately but the same day. If we purchase your entrance without the guide you will not be able to add it later, it is forbidden by the authorities.*

Best regards,

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