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Nov .9, 2012 tix
Joseph P
05 nov. 2012, 11:44

I am trying to reserve tix for Nov.9, 2012 for Machu and Huayna at 0700 and the website will not allow me to pick this date. The website shows ample spaces available but I cannot choose the date. Can you help me



Re: Nov .9, 2012 tix
Messages: 822
05 nov. 2012, 12:15

Dear Joseph,

As Paola explained on chat, we really can't help you with that, we are really sorry. The purchase process is complicated and the number of requests we have force us to have this 7 day period in which we cannot accept purchases. We hope you will understand. If we could help you we would.

You could maybe ask your hotel in Cusco to help you.

Best regards,

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